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What is MetroWave?
A next generation business ISP
Free Space Optics
Unlike traditional internet carriers who have excessive wait time due to old lease line cabling, our network infrastructure is supported by carrier-grade radios, redundant designs, zero road circuits, and a high-availability SD-WAN Architecture.
Cloud services
Our unique cloud services provide you with immediate SD-WAN solutions without the need of an IT expert. Our MetroCloud offers SaaS capabilities such as VPN, Smart QoS, App Performance, Security, and Optimization to assure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.
Customized Solutions
Our expert staff will guarantee that your business has a custom design, planning, and deployment methodology for your exact business needs. Our consultants are highly trained in back-end orchestration and standard operating procedures.
Detailed incident management
We take visibility seriously. All of our technology stack layers are examined and updated to establish advanced performance analytics, incident management analytics, and event management analytics. This means we can guarantee a thorough diagnosis and solution to any issue you may encounter.
IoT Integration and Scalability
Our sensors, gateway, cloud intelligence, and virtual network overlays allow for the connection of Free Space Optic redundant links. This IoT helps to combat traditional WAN bottlenecks and prepares our customers for the new Internet World.
Exceptional Consulting Services
Our MetroProfessional services encompasses educated IT professionals who are able to understand, personalize and solidify the most difficult WAN issues. Our mission is to provide the best possible customer service and decrease any technical frustrations that may arise.
What we offer


Our internet service has no comparison. With 99.999% uptime, your business is guaranteed zero outages.



Our cloud service gives you the benefits of security and optimization with no additional fees.



Our consultants are the leading experts of modern technology. They can provide you with customized technical solutions for your business needs.

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Does most of your frustration come from excessive outages, bandwidth constraints, and expensive IT resources? Free space optics is the answer to your problem. Schedule a free consultation to experience a new alternative to traditional WAN services.

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